Just yesterday I was meeting with some investor/vacationers/potential buyers about their investment goals and suitable homes for their needs....they, like most everyone nowadays, have been searching the internet for about 2 months before they came down for their vacation this summer and thought they had found the best deals on the island based on the price....they came prepared with about 30 properties, some of them Foreclosures that they thought would suit their needs.(in reality after all their work only about 5 of the ones they selected were going to work for their needs)

With so many types of Homes and villas for sale, and so many desperate sellers, in so many different areas of the island, unless you've been doing this for a while, and are familiar with all the neighborhoods and their locations, amenities, proximity to the beach it can be quite confusing....... when you see a 2 bedroom villa listed for $65,000 on island-----that has to be a great deal right? It all depends........ what are your needs?

It's imperative you find a Realtor who can answer your questions about all areas that may suit your needs, He/she needs to be able to explain why one area is better for you than another,  perhaps point out other areas that would work for you, and then point out the best values in those areas based on your needs.

The internet is a fantastic tool, but with so much property for sale you can save a lot of your time by contacting Realtors early in your search to interview them, or check out their level of knowledge so to speak....tell them a little bit about what you want to use the property for, give them your true targeted price range..A Realtor will be able to send you the best properties for your needs and be able to explain why they are the best options for you. Then once you've learned which areas are best suited for your situation you'll be able to work with that agent to explore any and all possibilities as new options come on the market.

In the end finding and working with an agent early on can save you lots of time and effort scouring the "net" trying to find out:

1) "where is mls 4455599 is located" 2)"what have other comparable properties sold for"? 3) "what kind of rent could I get from this"?

There are lots of great agents here on Hilton Head, and lots of great deals, just need to do a little bit of work to find them both....